More study questions from class

Here are some questions to help you study for the quest:

  1. What is the difference in charge between protons, electrons, and neutrons?
  2. Which direction does the light in lightning move?
  3. What two groups are electric cells divided into?
  4. What is electric current?
  5. When does a short circuit occur?
  6. Why are some objects magnetic and others not?
  7. What would happen if a negatively charged ruler touches a neutral stapler?  What is this an example of?
  8. Who invented the lightning rod and what was it originally intended for?
  9. What is potential difference?
  10. Why doesn’t it work if two positive ends of a battery are touching?
  11. Why does it make more sense to use parallel circuits in your house rather than a series circuit?
  12. What is a magnetic field?
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