Science Fair and Invention Resources

It’s time to start thinking about the Science Fair!  And 8th graders…you have the option to create an Invention this year!

These are the important documents right now:  (Please review them with your family.)

Science Fair Timeline and Requirements

Science Fair Topic Brainstorm


Invention Timeline and Requirements

Invention Brainstorm


Here are some sites to help you find a science fair topic/project:

* Science Fair central:
* Internet Public Library Kidspace:
* Science Buddies:
* HomeworkSpot:
* Discovery Science Fair Central:
* All Science Fair projects:


Need inspiration for your invention:

By Kids For Kids (Inventing Tips)–

Smithsonian’s Inventions at Play—

US Patent and Trademark Office Kids’ Pages—

National Inventors’ Hall of Fame—

Coolest inventions-,27972,1865047,00.html

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18 Responses to Science Fair and Invention Resources

  1. Kalya says:

    i remember last year there was something where it would ask me a series of questions and then give you different ideas based on your answers
    which link is that?????

  2. tifftai says:

    i think it was sciencebuddies?

  3. Gabriel says:

    I have no idea what to do. All the sites I go to are not questions to prove, but science fair reactions. Should I go to the links again? Any advice?

  4. tifftai says:

    yes. just think up some major topics. i’ll help you will the questions. I’m not sure what you mean by science fair reactions. some of the questions/topics on the sites may not have a variable which i am asking for, but i can help you as long as you give me some idea.

  5. Gabriel says:

    What i find is something like mentos and coke.

    • Gabriel says:

      The one I was going to write down, gave me the answer. 😦

      • tifftai says:

        write it down anyway. most of the projects chosen have been done by students in the past (sorry, but originality is hard to come by with these), but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it also. new discoveries or different observations always occur. the most important part of this project is not necessarily discovering something new (like the meaning of life) but for you to go through the scientific process of designing/conducting an experiment. if you’re interested in chemical reactions, then maybe we can look at other simple chemical reactions. don’t worry about it too much. write down some ideas. i’ll look over it this weekend and come up with some questions/projects.

  6. Gabriel says:


  7. Emmy says:

    Ugh!! I can’t think of anything! I’ve looked on the sites and all the stuff is just science projects with no variable! Ugh Ugh Ugh Ugh

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  9. Maya R. says:

    Hi Tiff- I have finished writing all of my observations for some of the petri dishes (some of those things look NASTY:( ). So I was wondering what I should do with them- I don’t think it would be smart to stick a whole bunch of bacteria in the freezer with all of the other food and I don’t want them stinking up my room. Any ideas?

  10. Maya R. says:

    OK! sounds good:)

  11. Maya R. says:

    Hey Tiff- one last question: my mom thinks that throwing them away would be “premature” and that it would be cool to display them sith my board at the science fair. I think it might be kinda cool to display tham and I think that sticking them in the freezer would preserve them better (it is an inhibitor… right?:)Would bagging up the dishes and sticking them in the freezer be sterile? Or do you think I could stick a few of the dishes in the science freezer in your classroom?

  12. Maya R. says:

    Hi Tiff! So I’m writing out a chart with my observations on it. If I do all of my notes/observations that i took (every other day for 2 weeks) there will be way too much info (since a lot of things repeat) and it just won’t fit on my science fair board. Should I just do 3 or 4 days worth of observations? Any suggestions?

    • tifftai says:

      Don’t worry about making it fit on your board right now. Just write up what you have and you van always write “same” if observations repeat. We can talk about your display later.

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