Homework for the Week of Jan. 4

Welcome back everybody! Hope y’all have a wonderful break. I feel rested and ready for the new year. And…here’s your homework! (I know you’ve missed it.)

1) Read “Body Organization”
2) Complete HW#15: Skinned

Due Date:
Block I: Wednesday, Jan. 6
Block II: Friday, Jan. 8
Block III: Thursday, Jan. 7
3) Read “Skeletal/Muscular system”
4) Complete HW#16: Skeletons

Due Date:
Block I: Next Monday, Jan. 11
Block II: Next Tuesday, Jan. 12
Block III: Next Monday, Jan. 11
“Skinned” is a song by the early 1990’s rock band, Blind Melon. It comes from their second album, Soup, released in 1995.  Shannon Hoon, the lead singer, died of a cocaine overdose soon after the album was released.  This song is about the serial killer, Ed Gein, who made a habit of skinning and mutilating his victims.  On a lighter note, Blind Melon is most well known for their song, “No Rain,” which featured a girl dancing in a bee costume.  She became famous as the “Bee Girl.”  The story of the Bee Girl is told in the music video.  According to Wiki:

It opens on the girl’s tap routine; the audience responds with laughter, and the girl runs off stage in tears. As the song plays, she wanders through a city, stopping to perform her dance for whoever will watch. Ultimately — at the point in the song where the word “escape” is repeated — she peeks through a gate, astonished, then runs through it to join a group of “bee people” of all shapes and sizes dancing joyfully in a green field.  (Here’s a link to the video.)

Here’s the song, “Skinned”:

“Skeletons” is a song by the American alternative rock band, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, from their latest album, It’s Blitz.  Their musical style can range from dance punk to new wave to garage rock with heavy guitars, solid beats, synthetic sounds, and Karen O’s awesome vocals.  “Skeletons” is an awe-inspiring and sad song that builds and builds on itself.  I think it’s meant to be played loudly in a full theater with super surround sound.  Enjoy.

Here’s the song:

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5 Responses to Homework for the Week of Jan. 4

  1. lexee ford says:

    its not working (the song)

  2. Gabriel says:

    Hi Tiff.
    I have been trying to do the science homework but I cannot find the answer to QUESTION 3&4. Is it a question we are supposed to know or guess?

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