Energy Resource Research

For your research…..check out these pages:

This site has clear information on each of the energy sources.

This is an extensive site with lots to see.  I suggest going to the Movie room.  They have archival footage from as early as 1935 about different topics like a tour of the 1st nuclear power plant to a    a movie about vegetable oil as a biofuel.  Also if you check out the Time Machine, you’ll get a history of energy source use.  Click around on different objects on the home page and have fun!

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9 Responses to Energy Resource Research

  1. Kalya says:

    hi tiff
    on the energy resourse research hw there is a question on the back (second from the bottom) were it says: If you have a renewable energy…..
    I dont have a renewable energy resource so sould i skip the question or not????

  2. tifftai says:

    yep, just skip it since the question is not relevant for you. 🙂

  3. Kalya says:

    cool thanks!!

  4. Gaby! :D says:

    hi tiff 🙂
    on my handout it says hydropower, but you told me i was doing biomass :/
    i finished my hw doing biomass not hydropower…
    is that a problem? or did everyone get that handout?

    • tifftai says:

      hmmm….i think you were doing hydropower and the boys were doing biomass. maybe you got the wrong handout? we’ll have to figure it out tomorrow. maybe one of the boys has the hydropower handout. oh well. anyway, don’t worry about it.
      -tiff 🙂

  5. Emmy says:

    Urgh!!! I just got back from Mammoth:) But I’m trying to get onto the 1st website and it is not opening! It keeps saying Server Error. What do I do?!

  6. Ariane says:

    hey tiff,
    i can’t find any info about nuclear energy and the affects of it on the economy. does “its ok if you have trouble finding info for this” mean that even if you do research, and you can’t find anything, you don’t have to answer the question?

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