Homework for the Week of Oct. 26

1)  Read “What is Energy?”

2)  Complete HW#7: The Thermals

Due Date:

Block I:  Wednesday, Oct. 28

Block II:  Tues. Oct. 27

Block III:  Thursday, Oct. 29


1)  Read “Energy Conversions”

2)  Complete HW#8: The Kinetics

Due Date

Block I:  next Monday, Nov. 2

Block II:  Friday, Oct. 30

Block III:  next Monday, Nov. 2


Musical Notes:

The Thermals are an American indie/ punk pop band based in Portland, Oregon.  This song is the title track from their latest album “Now We Can See.”

“Kinetics”  is a song by DJ Krush from his album, Kakusei.  This song features Sinista from the X-ecutioners, group of turntablists from New York.

From last.fm:  “DJ Krush (Hideaki Ishii) was born in 1962 in Tokyo. At an early age, Ishii dropped out of school, and joined a local gang, and a few years later, Yakuza (the Japanese mafia).   After watching the film ‘Wild Style’ in the early ’80s, he was inspired, bought some turntables, and started to learn the art of turntablism. In 1987, he formed the KRUSH POSSE which made numerous appearances as a group in late 1992 and gained him recognition by becoming the first DJ in Japan to perform with live musicians.”

Here’s the track:

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