Why the Beach Clean-up was important

Thank you all for participating in the beach clean up!  As you heard in the presentation, our oceans are heavily polluted from chemicals, sewage and trash.  The amount of plastic in the ocean is astounding and we’re still gathering data on the impact of plastic litter.  Any work that we do to protect our oceans impact not only our ability to use the ocean and its resources, but it affects all the animals that depend on the ocean for food and shelter.

Chris Jordan is an amazing photographer who creates works of art that depict consumerism in the United States.  Many of photographs are of garbage.  He shows his interest and passion for the environment, conservations, and stewardship.  He has been traveling with 5 other media artists to the Midway Atoll, a small stretch of sand and coral near the middle of the North Pacific to document the Pacific Gyre and the death of baby albatross birds.  These baby birds are fed plastic by their parents who collect what looks like food to them to bring back to their babies.  Each year, tens of thousands of albatross chicks die on the Midway from this plastic poisoning.  See his work at this link. You can also follow their trip at www.midwayjourney.com.  (Thanks to Bruce Cole for sending me the link!)

Here’s a video from their travels:

This documents Chris Jordan finding a dead albatross filled with plastic:

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2 Responses to Why the Beach Clean-up was important

  1. Allison says:

    Omigosh! that is terribly sad. whenever i see a video like that i want to go help the planet in some way. i just went and turned of the light in my room! im going to go help the earth now

  2. Gabriel says:


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