Farm School Week 1

The first week was a fabulous success!  All three groups did an amazing job collecting their data, working together, and presenting their findings.

In the Town Meeting, the citizens of Earth decided to OPPOSE relocation to Farm School planet and to COMMIT to cleaning up the Earth to make it habitable once again.

Here’s a little taste of Week 1 in a song:

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4 Responses to Farm School Week 1

  1. Sabina says:

    Thats an awesome song!! I can’t hear it very well, the volume is really low…

  2. tifftai says:

    sorry, my flipvideo doesn’t have great sound recording. glad you liked it!

  3. Emmy says:

    Yay!!!! i feel so special 🙂
    Emmy: wow, what a wonderful song. And great ukuleles too!
    Emmy: Why, thank you

  4. Allison says:

    That was an awesome song! I had to turn up the volume all the way when I watched it. and when it was finished i forgot to turn back down. The next time I went on youtube the sound was like crazy LOUD!

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