A few more last hurrahs! Do the Harlem Shake!

It’s been tough to return to the blog to write my last posts (sad)…at least on this version of Tiff’s science blog.  But, I finally got around to putting this together.  Thank you ALL for humoring me on my last day at Synergy.  Miss you guys already!

Here’s our end of the year HARLEM SHAKE!  (Thanks to Aubin for the idea!)




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Last week! Missing work! Turn it in!

All missing work is due by Friday, May 31st!

I checked all of the work over the weekend and I’ll post this on the science room door.  It’s your responsibility to check it and get your work in.

Missing work as of May 25

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Mythbusters Field Trip

We had a great time visiting the Mythbuster’s Studio!  Thanks to Adam to showing us around and telling us stories of his adventures!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*Before the world of CGI, there was model making!  Each of the Hershey kiss movement was a separate model.  This commercial could have taken 100s of models to make.

For more info about Mythbusters, check out this link.

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Homework for the Week of May 20

1)  Read “Electricity from Magnetism” (2nd section of your packet)

2)  Complete: HW#33: Joy electric  (LAST HOMEWORK OF THE YEAR!!!)

Due date:

Block I: Wednesday, May 22

Block II: Friday, May 24

Block III: Thursday, May 23


8th graders!  You’ve already been given both HW#32 and HW#33.

Both are due by next Tuesday, May 28


Musical Notes:

Joy Electric is a brand/band name for musical productions by Ronnie Martin, which have an electro-pop/synth sound.  Here’s a little ditty titled “Draw for Me MC Escher.”


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Homework for the Week of May 13

This will be handed out during your 2nd block class this week.

1)  Read “Magnetism from Electricity–only read the 1st section”

2)  Complete HW#32: Electrify

Due date:

Block I: next Monday, May 20

Block II: next Tuesday, May 21

Block III: next Monday, May 20

***8th graders!  Yes, you!  Both HW#32 and HW#33 will be handed out.  Both are due by TUESDAY, MAY 28.***

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Helpful Electro-Mag videos

Hi everyone,

I forgot to get the questions from class before I went out of town, but here’s a few videos that might help you with understanding some concepts.  And I might have thrown in a few for fun!

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Electricity-Magnetism Quiz Show game

Follow the link!  Have fun!

lost electron



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